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At Child Care Answers, we’ve made searching for child care easier than ever.

We offer free referral services for families looking for quality child care, preschool, and school-age programs. We update our statewide provider database every six months, contacting every provider to ensure we reflect changes in their programs, rates, services or hours.

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Our online care search walks you through a series of questions to determine what you are looking for: program types, locations, child’s age, days and times needed, schedule preferences, Paths to QUALITY™ participation and other considerations. The system will then identify all programs that meet your requirements in your area. During the search, you can alter any of your requirements to find additional programs as needed. All information collected in the process of your child care search is confidential.

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We will listen to your needs to provide a list of options for child care based on our conversation. We are also available to answer any questions after you call your providers, if you want additional referrals or have any other questions. Please contact us at 1-800-272-2937.

What's Next?

Once you have a list of providers that meet your initial criteria, we encourage you to follow a series of steps to narrow down your list. Your guide to child care can help you with this process.