Unlicensed Registered Ministries

Unlicensed Registered Ministries

Complete your required Orientation II training

If you plan to open an unlicensed registered ministry, you must complete the Orientation II course through the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning (OECOSL). OECOSL generally offers Orientation II on the first Wednesday of each month from 10am – 4:30pm. View specific dates and times and register on the OECOSL website. The information you learn provides a road map for you, including:

  • The steps you must take to become registered and the best way to complete those steps.
  • The forms you must complete and how to fill out that paperwork.
  • Resources to help you know whom to contact for what.

Marketing for Child Care Centers and Ministries

Explore how to boost and maintain enrollment by using available external and internal marketing resources. Build skills to articulate your program’s features and benefits and use them in your marketing efforts. Uncover how to use data to be more cost-effective and efficient and to improve the bottom line.

Strengthening Fiscal Management for Child Care Centers and Ministries

This topic is offered as a two-part series, generally on the same day.

Budget Planning
Learn the process of building a budget and how to use a budget to inform decisions through the rest of the fiscal year. Participate in activities applying how to project business costs and strategically plan for sustainability.

Financial Reports
Get an introduction to reading financial reports to help you better manage your program’s finances. Broaden your knowledge of using internal controls to strengthen and protect your program’s financial health.

We recommend you take both courses in the series together, but you’ll need to register for each individual course.

Recruiting & Retaining Talented Staff in Center-Based Child Care Programs

First, we focus on interviewing and hiring new employees. Then we develop a framework for an effective staff orientation plan and outline components of a staff handbook. We’ll also discuss strategies for providing meaningful feedback.

Complete additional required trainings

Depending on your role, you may have other training requirements:

We offer Safe Sleeping Practices and Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care several times a month in locations across Central Indiana.

Find these additional required courses online at Training Central.

  • Indiana Health and Safety Orientation modules
  • Child Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention

Understand and fulfill requirements for your building

You will learn more in Orientation II about what the state requires for a building and zoning codes, but you also should check with your local municipality. Prior to opening an unlicensed registered ministry, the building must pass on-site inspections for sanitation requirements as conducted by a Division of Family Resources Sanitarian and an inspection by the DHS, Building and Fire Safety Division. These inspections will be made semi-annually. You must register with the Division of Family Resources, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, and the State Fire Marshal annually.

Learn more about the Voluntary Certification Program (VCP)

The VCP is available to all Indiana unlicensed registered child care ministry providers who want to ensure that they are meeting all basic health and safety needs of the children they serve. The voluntary program offers the tools, information, and assistance necessary to attain these standards. Read more or contact Tikila Welch.

Submit your application

The application for unlicensed registered child care ministries includes items such as:

  • Attestation forms stating your program represents the religious organization responsible for the ministry
  • IRS documentation
  • Other checks

You will learn more in your Orientation II class.