Hello, I’m Stephanie Ries

Paths to QUALITY™ Coach

At Child Care Answers I spend my time…

Building relationships; coaching and supporting; providing continuous quality improvement; and staying abreast of the latest research.

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Master's of Early Childhood Education

Favorite Subject in School


Professional Experience

Pre-K, Kindergarten, 3rd grade, high school teacher, Adjunct Professor, Preschool Director, Conference presenter, Girls to Change Mentor and SKILLS USA & FCCLA Advisor.

When I “grew up”, I wanted to be...

A teacher

My first job was...

Hostess at “The Original House of Pancakes”

My favorite toy/game as a child...

Dolls, “Old Maid” and Scrabble

Outside of work, I like to...

Hike, read books, play Scrabble and Travel!

As a child, I spent my time...

At the library, piano lessons and Girl Scouts

How can I help you?

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