Hello, I’m Rachel Lee George

Paths To QUALITY™ Coach

At Child Care Answers I spend my time…

Out in the field visiting my providers and supporting/coaching them to the next level of Paths to QUALITY™.

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Bachelor's in Child Development/Family Life

Favorite Subject in School


Professional Experience

Over 14 years in the Early Childhood Education field

When I “grew up”, I wanted to be...

Olympic gymnast

My first job was...

Grocery bagger at Kroger and cake decorator

My favorite toy/game as a child...

playing catch, batting practice, and shooting the basketball around

Outside of work, I like to...

Hang out with my husband and friends, get pedicures and massages, and visit with my nieces

As a child, I spent my time...

On the softball field, or shooting the b-ball, watching sports with my dad, or playing with my sister and friends

How can I help you?

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