Hello, I’m Kristin Cofield

Paths To QUALITY™ Coach

At Child Care Answers I spend my time…

Helping child care providers improve their quality care as a Paths to QUALITY coach

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Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Needs with Mild Intervention

Favorite Subject in School

Social Studies and History

Professional Experience

Toddler teacher and a peer mentor for new teachers learning policies and procedures and developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom environment

When I “grew up”, I wanted to be...

Child Psychologist or Teacher

My first job was...

My best friend and I started our own babysitting club when we were 10 years old

My favorite toy/game as a child...

Monopoly and Uno

Outside of work, I like to...

Read, write and volunteer in my community and church

As a child, I spent my time...

Playing outside and going on “adventures” with my sisters and cousins

How can I help you?

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