Hello, I’m Cori Newland

Early Childhood Development Specialist

At Child Care Answers I spend my time…

Working with teachers on strategies for positive guidance and setting up productive environments. Providing program assistance and trainings on challenging behaviors and classroom management.

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Bachelor’s from IU Bloomington in Early Childhood Education, Master’s from Ball State in Early Childhood Education

Favorite Subject in School

Math and Science

Professional Experience

Toddler teacher, preschool teacher, toddler team leader at a for-profit organization, education specialist for Head Start

When I “grew up”, I wanted to be...

A veterinarian

My first job was...

Working at Babies R Us

My favorite toy/game as a child...

My Little Ponies and Pound Puppies

Outside of work, I like to...

Spend time with my husband, son, and dog, plus I am active and participate in running races and triathlons.

As a child, I spent my time...

Riding my bike, swimming, and playing with my sisters and friends

How can I help you?

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