Marketing your program

Whether you're getting your program off the ground, filling vacancies, or looking to expand, you should know how to get your name out there. Take a look at the resources below to see how to best market your program based on your needs.

Indiana Small Business Development Center

Learn more about marketing for small businesses from places like Indiana Small Business Development Center to help you determine the best way for you to advertise and market your child care business.


Participate in Paths to QUALITY

Participating in the Paths to QUALITY™ program is a great way to get your business’s name out there. Families can locate your program through the Child Care Finder online search tool. Paths to QUALITY™ providers also have access to advertising tools such as logos and exterior signage. Talk with your Paths to QUALITY™ coach for more information or guidance.


Become a On My Way Pre-K / Indy Preschool Program Scholarship provider

If you are a provider in Marion county (Indianapolis, Lawrence, Beech Grove, Speedway) and have advanced to Level 3 or Level 4 in Paths to QUALITY™, you may consider applying to participate in the On My Way Pre-K or Indy Preschool Program initiatives. Families who receive these scholarships must choose an On My Way Pre-K or Indy Preschool Scholarship Program provider, so this is another good way to get your provider’s name in front of potential families.

Our Pre-K Project Managers Marla Segal and Joy McCall (Marion County) and Erica Woodward (Bartholomew County) assist programs who are interested and provides support to current Indy Preschool Program and On My Way Pre-K providers with tracking attendance, ISTAR-KR, family engagement, child enrollment, and other program assistance that you may need. You can request support.


Keep your information up-to-date

First, ensure that you contact us to keep your information up-to-date in our database, including contact information and openings you have. This ensures families have the most up-to-date information possible to aid them in their decision in choosing child care.