Enhance your program’s quality

Just as your young learners are always changing and learning, your program can benefit from opportunities to grow and improve as well. Consider these options to enhance the great work that you're already doing in your program.

Paths to QUALITY™

Participation in the Paths to QUALITY™ program is one of the best ways to get guidance in improving the quality of care you provide. Learn more on our Paths to QUALITY™ page about the program and how Child Care Answers can support you as you advance through each level.

Learn More about Paths to QUALITY™

Family Engagement

The bonds you build with the children in your program are critical, but the relationships you have with their families are also important. The following resources can help you understand what it means to have quality engagement with your families, how you’re currently doing in this area, and how you can improve:


Your child care program can be accredited through national and international accrediting bodies. The following have been approved by the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning in partnership with Paths to QUALITY™. You may also consider these accrediting bodies outside of Paths to QUALITY™ participation:

On My Way Pre-K / Indy Preschool Program

If you are a provider in Marion or Bartholomew Counties and have advanced to Level 3 or Level 4 in Paths to QUALITY™, you may consider applying to participate in On My Way Pre-K.  Marion County programs are also eligible to participate in the Indy Preschool Program initiative. Being in a network with other qualified providers, you can receive additional support for your program.

Pre-K Project Managers Marla Segal and Joy McCall (Marion County) Erica Woodward (Bartholomew County) assist programs who are interested in being approved. They also provide support to current providers with tracking attendance, ISTAR-KR, family engagement, child enrollment, and other program assistance that you may need.