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Our passion is children, and we’re all kids at heart at Child Care Answers. We strive to build connections with you, whether you are a family member, provider, or community member. The better our relationship with you, the closer we get to our end goal of improving access to quality child care and the quality of education for our youngest learners. Take a minute to get to know us - and our inner child!

We’d also love to get to know you. To contact a staff member, click her “Get To Know..” button, then click “Contact Me” on her page. You’ll hear from one of us soon!

Ann Aull

Early Childhood Adult Educator

Kristin Cofield

Paths To QUALITY™ Coach

Charity Coppola

Inclusion Specialist

Katherine Darby

Infant/Toddler Specialist

Bri Dimit

Enhanced Ministry Coach

Brittany Flaugher

Paths to QUALITY™ Coach with Infant and Toddler Emphasis

Lauren George

Infant/Toddler Specialist

Lucy Intriago

Bilingual Support Manager

Kristin Kahl

Knowledge Manager

Carrie Lamb

Early Childhood Enhanced Leadership Coach

Rachel Lee George

Paths To QUALITY™ Coach

Vicki Lehman

Professional Development Specialist

Jenny Mathis

School Age Specialist

Joy McCall

Pre-K Project Manager

Cori Newland

Early Childhood Development Specialist

Janice Salpietro

Administrative Assistant

Marla Segal

Pre-K Project Manager

Mollie Smith

Program Director

Michelle Terry

Outreach Specialist

Cheryl Tyler

Outreach Coordinator

Ashley Warren

Enhanced Coaching Specialist

Tikila Welch

Coach Coordinator

Erica Woodward

Pre-K Project Manager