Licensed Child Care Homes

Licensed Child Care Homes

Want to know what it takes to become a licensed family child care home? After you complete the Orientation 1 course, these are the steps you’ll need to take, many of which are required for those planning to open a licensed home.

For any questions, please contact Michelle Terry.

Orientation II

Child Care Answers offers Orientation II face-to-face each month for those interested in opening a Licensed Child Care Home. See our Training Calendar for available dates and times to register. The information you learn provides a road map for you to get licensed, including:

  • The steps you must take to become licensed and the best way to complete those steps.
  • The forms you must complete and how to fill out that paperwork.
  • Resources to help you know whom to contact for what.

Marketing for Family Child Care Homes

Explore how to boost and maintain enrollment by using available external and internal marketing resources. Build skills to articulate your program’s features and benefits and use them in your marketing efforts. Uncover how to use data to be more cost-effective and efficient and to improve the bottom line.

Strengthening Fiscal Management for Family Child Care Homes

This topic is offered as a two-part series, generally on the same day.

Budget Planning
Learn the process of building a budget and how to use a budget to inform decisions through the rest of the fiscal year. Participate in activities applying how to project business costs and strategically plan for sustainability.

Financial Reports
Get an introduction to reading financial reports to help you better manage your program’s finances. Broaden your knowledge of using internal controls to strengthen and protect your program’s financial health.

We recommend you take both courses in the series together, but you’ll need to register for each individual course. 

Indiana Health and Safety Orientation

In order to meet Provider Eligibility Standards (PES), you must also complete the required Health & Safety training modules. These trainings are available online 24/7 on Training Central under the Trainings tab. Child Care Answers also offers face-to-face trainings. See our Training calendar for available dates and times to register. These modules include:

  • Module 1 – Child Development
  • Module 2 – Health
  • Module 3 – Safety
  • Module 4 – Child Development (School Age)

Safe Sleeping Practices and Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care

Child Care Answers offers several face-to-face courses each month. See our Training Calendar for available dates and times to register.

Child Abuse and Neglect Detection and Prevention

One-hour recorded sessions are available on Training Central on the Trainings tab.

Prepare your home for inspection and submit your application

Next, you must complete a number of forms and submit copies of paperwork as a part of the process. You’ll learn more in your Orientation II course.

If you want to get a head start, check out our Child Care Permit Requirements for specifics in your county.

Schedule licensing visit and get licensed!

Finally, your licensing consultant will come out to your home for your licensing inspection. He or she has 60 days from the time you submit your application to schedule a time.