Your Community to Child Care

The families we serve are often also another organization’s employees, customers or clients. We work together with our partners – local businesses and social services agencies – to connect with families who benefit from our referral services to high-quality child care. Our staff can provide onsite referrals, share information as speakers or with literature, and share information at community fairs.

Data collection and sharing

Because we work with many families and child care providers, we have access to a lot of helpful information about them and what they need. A part of our role is to gather data from these audiences, and then also to help share it with the broader community in a way that is most meaningful for them.

Advocacy Resources

Through our work with Partnerships for Early Learners, Child Care Answers increases access to high-quality settings for early learners. Our investments, partnerships, leadership development and advocacy help to create a system worthy and ready to receive more public funding. But it will be up to policymakers to act — and soon.

Children and families across Indiana cannot wait. They do their part every day and bear the cost of high-quality care, the burden of access and the often impossible challenge of balancing work and family obligations. It is time to for us to stand with them, stand up for them and strengthen the fabric of Hoosier families and communities.

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Connecting the community to high-quality child care

We value the support that our business and social services partners can provide in reaching families who may be in need of finding quality child care. Our goal is your goal – to ensure happy and healthy clients and employees. The way we reach that goal is to ensure their children have access to high quality child care.

Our services include participation in information fairs, presentations, and referrals for employees or clients, among other specialized services, depending on your particular business or agency.

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